A Great Long Term Investment

Concrete driveways are a popular investment because they provide decades of reliable use, increase real-estate value, and look great. However, just because they are tough and durable, does not mean they are totally immune to the effects of time and weather. A driveway requires regular maintenance to keep the surface weather-resistant, to stop cracks from spreading, and to keep it looking brand new.


Clean Driveways Regularly

Concrete driveways Melbourne needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. The dirt, grime, stains, and mildew that build up will erode the surface quality and make the concrete more vulnerable to weather damage.There are a numbers of methods for cleaning a driveway, but the method recommended by all professionals is pressure-washing with a specialty concrete cleaner. This method will clean any of the usual dirt and stains, including nasty oil stains, without damaging your concrete.

However, you need to use the correct cleaning solutions and nozzles for pressure and spray to avoid damage and ensure a thorough cleaning. Most locations that rent pressure-washers will be able to guide you through the proper and safe use. If you are not totally sure about doing it yourself, hire a professional instead.

Concrete driveways Melbourne


Repair Cracks Promptly

Cracks are the biggest threat to a long lifespan for your driveways melbourne . They will continue to grow and spread, especially in climates of extreme hot and cold. Cracks also allow water to get down to the sub-layer, which is not protected against moisture with a sealant like the surface is.

Fixing cracks properly is a big job. There are many products and guides that promise easy and quick fixes, but these will not last and they will not stop moisture from getting into the cracks, even when it looks like they are fixed.

Be sure to either hire a professional or follow a thorough guide that uses the same products and techniques as a professional would.


Keep Joints Sealed

Concrete is laid in separate slabs to allow for expanding and contracting with heat and humidity. The sides where the slabs meet are called the joints. Much like cracks, you want to keep joints sealed to stop water from getting into the sub-layer.

Joints need to be checked once a year. If the sealant is pulling away from the concrete, then it is time to replace it. Be sure to cut away all the old sealant before applying a fresh product, as the new sealant will not adhere to any of the old sealant that is left behind.

Regularly Reseal the Surface

  The original surface sealant of a driveway will be worn down by regular foot and vehicle traffic, even faster if you clear snow and ice off with shovels and deicer. Resealing concrete is a cheap and easy way to extend the life of your driveway and to keep it looking clean and bright. Be sure to ask for guidance when picking a sealant, and always follow the instructions for its safe storage and application because it does involve some strong chemicals. Get in touch with us here

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