There is no better time to head to Vegas than right now. Many people decide to try their luck during the summer days, but the deep discounts only await those willing to head there during the off season like winter and spring.Many of the hotels drop their room prices during the off seasons. You could end up staying at a 5-star hotel like the Luxor or MGM Grand for under $100 a night during off seasons which leaves you more money to play with. So what exactly is there to do in Vegas?


Besides gambling, there is a plethora of activities and sights to see. If you head down to the old district of Vegas you can set your eyes on the huge screens that wrap the boulevard known as the Fremont Experience. The Fremont Experience is completely free and a great place for people watching. There is a ton of shops and the famous Mob Museum is right around the corner. Or take a trek across Fremont on a zip line that runs down the length of the corridor. A quick fun trip that offers two lines at various heights, but all around thrill ride.


Another great place to check out on the other side of the strip is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Although there is a fee for entrance, it is well worth the fun and entertainment. Especially when you can get a snap shot of your favorite movie star and brag about meeting them in real life. The stroll down the strip to get to the museum is full of sights and wonders including the large built to scale model of a pirate ship in front of Treasure Island.

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If adventure and thrills is what you seek there is the Adventure Combat Ops. The Adventure Combat Ops throws you right into the middle of a real warfare against the horde of Zombies that linger in the city. This is real life video game so for those who are into Halo and what not, you will love this. Although it is pricey, the experience is beyond amazing. You are given battle gear including an air soft gun to kill the zombies. What makes this so unique is the Special Ops that run the adventure were real life war heroes! They will train you to shoot and gear you up for an amazing one hour adventure through actual city blocks to fight off the undead.


If you aren’t into shooting games, and have been curious about skydiving but don’t want to take the risks, Vegas has you covered. There is an indoor skydiving building that will literally get you up in the air without the plane. Super fun for the whole family.

There is far too much to do in Las Vegas but all of these activities easily fit into a three-day adventure. You don’t have to spend a lot to do a lot. There is shopping, sightseeing, walking tours and so much more. Of course, no Vegas vacation would be complete with out catching one of the many shows available. Try the Excalibur Kings Banquet. It is like Mid-Evil Times with jousting tournaments, kings and queens and an unforgettable dinner. Vegas isn’t just about gambling, it is the best vacation you can have with many activities and come home with new stories despite the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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